The Best Tools For Your Modern Publishing Business


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This is my ever-growing list of e-books, products and resources I use and trust for my business. I only recommend those services and products that I actually use in my own business.

Please note that I am an affiliate for many of the resources listed below. As an affiliate, I may earn a referral fee if you purchase these products based on my recommendations.



FREE GUIDE: Working in Book Publishing: 5 Big Mistakes Even Smart Publishing Professionals Make and How To Avoid Them

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FREE HANDBOOK 25 Tools and Services That Publishing Professionals Can Trust

Are you overwhelmed with marketing your modern publishing business?

Launching and running a publishing business in today's digital world means endless to-do lists and ever-looming deadlines and brilliant marketing.

And the very real fear that you might just forget the most important things and screw up your publishing adventure.

That's why I've created The Wittmann Agency Handbook

25 Tools and Services That Publishing Professionals Can Trust.

This easy-to-read guide covers the critical parts of your daily publishing business

#1 Accounting + Getting Paid

#2 Marketing + Newsletter

#3 Creative Ressources

#4 Social Media Management

#5 Promotional Material

#6 Keeping Organized

#7 Scheduling & Planning

#8 Web Storage & File-Sharing

#9 Web Hosting & Domain Registration

#10 Web-Based Communication

you can't afford to mess up. I'm going to tell you why I use these service providers and its products, what they cost and what I do to save money.

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Communication in International Publishing


12 commonly used publishing terms and what they mean. Get your FREE Bonus Industry Lingo CheatSheet HERE.




More Attention. More Clients. More Results. Join in.

What you get: Real-life strategies for your publishing business in today’s global and digital world. Case studies, tutorials and how-to-do-it all – even if you’re not speaking publishing. So don’t miss out.