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tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png Love the digital magazine and it looks so nice with Bernie's book in multiple languages! tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Michael C. | Publisher

tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngMy dear Claudia…I like your catalogue, there are many interesting titles. One can tell just by the covers of the books that a lot of effort has been put in them, and probably a lot of love. Thank you, Claudia.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Dario B. | Editor

tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png Quite an impressive list with attractive titles. I like the look and feel, it kept my attention till the end. tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Björn A. | Author and Publisher


TheWittmannAgency_BookoftheMonth_November2019  The Wittmann Agency International & Foreign Rights Catalogue FallWinter2019 for international publishing houses, authors, customers, rights holders and clients.  The Wittmann Agency International & Foreign Rights Catalogue SpringSummer2020 for international publishing houses, authors, customers, rights holders and clients. 



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