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I'm glad to meet you, and look forward to getting to know you! For now, here are a few pieces of me and my story, so that you can know me better.

Before founding The Wittmann Agency in 2011, I had been successfully active in the field of national and international publishing rights and licensing since 1998.

Following my Bachelor’s degree in publishing, where I specialised in book packaging and international co-editions (Diploma: Book Packaging – Chances and Risks), I began my successful career with the following renowned German and international publishing houses:


1998 - 1999


Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing, Bath, Great Britain

2000 - 2002


Falken/Mosaik Verlag, Niedernhausen, Germany: Rights Manager Asia & Scandinavia

2001 - 2002


Random House GmbH, Munich, Germany: Rights Manager Asia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe

2003 - 2008


Verlag Kreuz GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany: Head of International Sales & Special Editions

2009 - 2011


Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH, Augsburg, Germany: Head of Programme Non-Fiction Direct Mail






I always have been heavily involved in all aspects of the publishing process, from author consultancy to manuscript reading, from contracting and marketing to program strategy, book production and sales activities. I have a keen eye for trend-spotting, I'm good at negotiating best value, have a sharp wit and the ability to produce my best work on deadline. Simply, I know what works.

For me – international sales – was love at first sight.

But I noticed that foreign rights and licensing in publishing weren't an especially pleasant experience – not for the hard-working publishing pros, not for the rights proprietors nor the literary agencies.

I thought that perhaps I could create the kind of real and professional business – an “external rights department” – that me (and other publishing pros) would actually like and enjoy while exploring great works to full potential without industry lingo and without worrying about legalities, the one-stop-shop for highly professional global rights coverage.

On 19th October 2011 The Wittmann Agency was born.

Today The Wittmann Agency is ranked in the top tier of leading agencies worldwide and has been featured in the Publishing Perspectives Magazine and international licensing and merchandising magazine Total Licensing and in many other publications.

The Wittmann Agency is a “get great over a long period of time” partner.

If you're thinking now: Claudia's The Wittmann Agency and I can start something beautiful together, read more about my services, and make sure to join my Love Letters To Bookworms where I regularly (every Monday) share insights around publishing, copyright, licensing and building a sustainable foreign rights business in publishing.



You'd love to hear what our clients, co-agents and licensees are saying?


The Wittmann Agency, founded in 2011 by Claudia Wittmann, is committed to a distinguished portfolio of quality self-help, strong-selling non-fiction, discerning fiction and select books for children and young adults that are beautiful, inspiring and thoughtful and make the perfect licensed edition.


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png Dеar Claudia, This is the first sincere, not formal and so spiritual thanking letter...we have received. We appreciate

this attitude! I do think publishing is about more than just business and profit. And actually, all businesses should have a social role in mind. Thank you for the personal and very encouraging letter! Will be in touch again soon! tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Katalina S. | Literary & Film Agent | Bulgaria


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngI don’t know of anyone else out there who is doing what Claudia is doing and in such a fantastic, kind of way.

She’s smart, insightful, and serves from the heart. And combined with online marketing, social media, etc. to achieve it…it’s a powerful synthesis. I knew that working with Claudia was going to be worth way more than the investment.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Jens K. | Author & Publisher | Germany


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngClaudia, THANKS! You are the perfect example of an Agent! I can tell you without question that your free Monday

eNewsletters and E-Mails alone are so exact and straight to-the-point that they provide more REAL value than all the other empty-promise, we’ve all paid for. I’m a fan and I can’t help but to admire you. tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Aleksandra M. | Literary Agent | Poland


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngDear Claudia, Thank you so much for your warm empathy. This e-mail is really a pearl in the ocean of my e-mails!

I describe our business as a bridge. We need to be strong and also trustworthy. We need to check the interests of both sides and try to make them both happy. Come on! This is harder than crushing an atom! Thank you for the beautiful words and support.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Berrak S. | Literary Agent | Turkey


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngI would like to THANK YOU for your always kind, inspiring approach, creative brainstorming and rewarding cooperation. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Nicole S. | Content Acquisition Specialist | Germany


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngTHANK YOU Claudia, I deeply appreciate all your efforts on behalf of me and my book.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Debra D. | Musician & Writer | U.S.A.


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngWELL DONE Claudia! What exciting news :-) Thank you so much for representing us and well done in your success with a Turkish publisher. We are happy...and look forward to the next step in the process.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Jill F. | Publishing Associate | New Zealand


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngThank you so much for your kind words and wishes. It was really my pleasure working with you and I wish you to enjoy every minute in your future publishing business.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Metod B.| Foreign Rights Manager | Slovenia






The following is a list of clients with whom we worked or still work managing their publishing sub rights and licenses in Germany and various other countries of the world:


Falken - Falken Taschenbuch - bassermann - Orbis - Mosaik/Goldmann - Frederking & Thaler - Brandenburgisches Verlagshaus - Edition Leipzig - Henschel Verlag - Verlag E.A. Seemann Verlagsgruppe Dornier GmbH - Urania Verlag - Lüchow Verlag - Theseus Verlag - Verlag Kreuz GmbH Kreuz Audio - VeDo - Signa - Christophorus Verlag - Verlag Herder - Weltbild - Hauschka Verlag - Conbook Verlag - abod GmbH - J. Kamphausen - Aurum - Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft - BuchVerlag für die Frau - Wildfisch Verlag - Imagine Verlag - hansanord Verlag - Lokomotion Verlag - Life Trust Verlag - Onnen Lähettiläs - Ellwanger Verlag - styria Verlag - molden Verlag - pichler Verlag - edition styria - kneipp Verlag - humboldt Verlag - Stark/Pearson Verlag - Blottner Verlag - Tigerbaum Verlag - KorosNord Verlag - Edition Reiseratte - Dryas Verlag - Goldfinch Verlag - Eazybookz Verlag - Matrix Transformation - Sounding-Light Publishing - Author & Singer & Songwriter Debra Devi - Elwin Staude Verlag GmbH - Incorgnito Publishing Press



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