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We are dedicated to helping you with your most valuable assets – the rights to your works.


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You are a big-hearted publishing pro and proprietor with an established business and wish to seamlessly expand beyond your core business into international media rights licensing with specialized support for your business.


Is this you?


Would you like your portfolio to go international, but you're not sure how to take it to the next level?

Do you consider foreign rights sales as an integral part of your marketing strategy?

Do you wish to reach into international markets for your authors but you have little or no knowledge in those international markets?

You believe there should be translation interest in your books and your current approach doesn't seem to be getting your books in front of the right people?

You wish to start in foreign rights or maximise your rights sale potential and looking to go beyond cookie cutter advice?

Does your publishing house receive licensing requests and wish to have these professionally processed?

You don't have an in-house rights department, lack of resources or don't want to rely on a scattered network of different subagents in every territory?

Are you running out of ideas and out of time to get your foreign rights business off the ground?

You are juggling every single aspect on your own as a publisher, including sales, marketing, growth, acquisition, pre-press – and need a trusted ally and first-go-to-resource for your foreign rights?

Do you need help with author and licensing contracts or lack of a safe foreign rights publishing contract?


We at The Wittmann Agency listen carefully to your needs and concerns and offer creative, out-of-the-box and custom-tailored solutions for your unique situation with a fast turn-around time so you can focus on your own business.


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngI don’t know of anyone else out there who is doing what Claudia is doing and in such a fantastic, kind of way.

She’s smart, insightful, and serves from the heart. And combined with online marketing, social media, etc. to achieve it…it’s a powerful synthesis. I knew that working with Claudia was going to be worth way more than the investment.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Jens K. | Author & Publisher | Germany


You can choose from the following services for SINGLE WORKS or MULTIPLE WORKS what's right for you and your business, your goals and your budget:


Foreign Rights for Modern Publishers

Perfect for: Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs

Would you like your portfolio to go international, but you're not sure how to take it to the next level? 

We help publishers like you expanding into seamless, meaningful media licensing that reward loyal fans and additional revenue.

The Wittmann Agency is exclusively representing a premier group of best-selling indie, hybrid and traditional authors and professional independent publishers of the highest regard worldwide.

Please go to Submissions for Foreign Rights to start today.

Contracting Service + Legal Support

Perfect for: Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs + Creative Business Owners

Do you need help with author and licensing contracts or lack of a safe foreign rights publishing contract?

We provide fast, safe, and strictly confidential contracts services in English and German for the publishing industry for any territory and help you to avoid common legal mistakes in the global publishing business and in international licensing.

With our award-winning solicitors, we developed specialized international licensing contracts in English and German to bulletproofing your publishing business.

We take away your fear of legalities and offer you safe, tried-and-tested contracts, backed by the leading media solicitors. We draft and finalize these legal documents custom to your unique situation and advise you on best practice.

Our goal is to always get our clients the most advantageous terms possible.

Legal support: The Wittmann Agency does not provide tax nor legal consultancy. For this purpose, we have access to a qualified network of cooperating solicitors (Global Licensing and Media Law, Civil and Criminal Law).


tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngThank you so much for your record-breaking fast, hassle-free contracting service.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Raphael M.| Publisher | Germany

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Business Partnership

Perfect for: When you are ready to bring on a trusted partner that will be there for the long haul

Need a trusted partner to brainstorm, plan, design, develop and execute your big publishing idea?

We have a team of professionals who understand publishing (especially for creative pros!) and who do the writing, translations, photos, graphic design, legal and more.

The Wittmann Agency partners with select clients on a revenue + retainer basis.



Working in International Book Publishing


Are you overwhelmed with marketing your modern publishing business?

One thing I see a lot of people do in publishing is to try to use only free tools, software, apps and platforms – and often that can cost you more in time (and money) and in the worst case, it may have the potential to destroy your entire business, when platforms or service provider disappear overnight.

That's why I've created The Wittmann Agency Handbook 25 Tools and Services That Publishing Professionals Can Trust.

 This easy-to-read guide covers the critical parts of your daily publishing business.

I promise you the very real fear that you might just forget the most important things and screw up your publishing adventure will disappear.

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