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There comes a time when you need specialized support for your business.

No more 'cooked spaghetti approach' and hoping something sticks.


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tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.pngI don’t know of anyone else out there who is doing what Claudia is doing and in such a fantastic, kind of way.

She’s smart, insightful, and serves from the heart. And combined with online marketing, social media, etc. to achieve it…it’s a powerful synthesis. I knew that working with Claudia was going to be worth way more than the investment.tl_files/twa_files/images/SocialMedia_Press/quotes.png

Jens K. | Author & Publisher | German


You are a creative professional and proprietor with an established business and you know what you need to do, but don’t have time, the staff or the desire to do it yourself? You are a modern publishing entrepreneur and wishes to start in rights or wishes to maximise your rights sale potential? Or you need advice and help in setting up a rights department or in developing an existing one? Maybe you require support and advice on organising co-edition printings to maximum benefit?

We can help!

We have a team of professionals who understand publishing (especially for creative pros!) and who do the writing, translations, photos, graphic design, legal and more.


Explore & Navigate Consulting

Perfect for: You know who you are and have an idea about what you want to offer - but you're not sure what to do next.

Session packages available for ongoing support after initial session is completed.

Business & Partnership*

Perfect for: When you're ready to bring on a trusted parter for to brainstorm, discuss, develop and execute your big idea. You want a loyal partner that will be there for the long haul.

The Wittmann Agency partners with select clients on revenue and retainer basis.

*Limited seats for 2020.

If anything of these sounds like it would help, send us an E-Mail to see if we're a good fit and for details on process and pricing. We currently waitlist for 2020.



More Attention. More Clients. More Results. Join in.

What you get: Real-life strategies for your publishing business in today’s global and digital world. Case studies, tutorials and how-to-do-it all – even if you’re not speaking publishing. So don’t miss out.